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Morning : 10:00~ 12:00 hrs (Submission of the Application)
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Tourist Visa

Requirements: (Please complete the requirements to avoid delay.)

1 Completed visa application form.

2 Two (5 x 7 cm) coloured photos with white background.

3 Passport with minimum validity of six (6) months with sufficient visa pages.

4 Visa fee is C$30.00 per applicant.

5 Tourist visa is valid for THREE MONTHS from the date of issue with 28-days STAY.

6 Post dated visas cannot be issued.

7 A letter from employer in the office letterhead specifying the job title. If self- employed, write a letter with details of occupation. If retired, write a letter describing the job prior to retirement.

8 For students, provide a letter from school stating that the applicant is presently enrolled or a copy of valid student’s ID.

9 Round trip air ticket must be submitted, and recommendation letter of Tour Company as well for applicants on package tour.

10 For those who are non-Canadian passport holders, provide the copy of PR card or work permit along with other documents.


1. Enclose a PREPAID computer generated, self- addressed return courier waybill. (We don’t accept the Credit card payment)

2. Payment by money order or bank draft made payable to the Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Ottawa or Myanmar Embassy..

3. Please ensure that application form (signed), required pictures and actual passport are enclosed. Also be advised to mention the specific name and address of the hotel you will be staying in Myanmar. Failure to comply will delay issuance of visa. Do not print anything on the back of the application form.

4. If documents are in order, issuance of visa is 2 business days or more.

(*Please take note that there is a high volume of applications during the month of September to February, so processing time will be 5-10 business days.*)

5. We will not process incomplete documents and will be returned to the applicant. Processing starts only when all required documents are completed.

6. Do not follow-up on the status of your application as it will also delay processing. We will call you if we need more information or requirements.

7. Write your postal code clearly on the return envelope. 

8. For any other inquiries please call 613 232 9990 Or e -mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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