List of  Holiday for the year of  2014

Date Day  Occasion
1-1-2014 Wednesday New Year's Day
4-1-2014 Saturday Independence Day
12-2-2014 Wednesday Union Day
17-2-2014 Monday Family Day
27-3-2014 Thursday Armed Forces Day
15-4-2014 Tuesday Myanmar New Year
16-4-2014 wednesday Myanmar New Year
17-4-2014 Thursday Myanmar New Year
18-4-2014 Friday Myanmar New Year
21-4-2014 Monday Myanmar New Year
1-5-2014 Thursday Worker Day
6-5-2014 Tuesday The Birthday of Buddha
13-5-2014 Tuesday Full Moon Day of Kasone
1-7-2014 Tuesday  Canada Day
11-7-2014 Friday Full Moon Day of Waso
19-7-2014 Saturday Martyr' Day
4-8-2014 Monday Civic Day
1-9-2014 Monday Labour Day
8-10-2014 Wednesday Full Moon Day of Thidingyut
13-10-2014 Monday Thankgiving Day
6-11-2014 Thursday Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone
11-11-2014 Tuesday Remembrance Day
25-12-2014 Thurdsday Christmas Day
26-12-2014 Friday  Boxing Day



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